Interview with Ag about “Magnolia Summer”

by Jaci Burton

Listen to A's Interview

1.Where did you get this book? – On Kindle.

2. Are you a library member? – Not in England, but I am a member in Poland.

3. Why did you choose this book? – This was my first book in English. My sister-in-law recommended it to me.

4. How many pages are in this book? – almost 200 pages

5. What is the book about?  -  It is about love, about life. Often we do not have time to think about life, about other people, about our feelings.   

6. What did you like/dislike about this book? – Love changes people. A girl goes back to her city and it is a small city. It is too small for her. But she spends two weeks in this city and she changes her mind about life, about people, about friends.

7. How often did you use the dictionary? I check a word if I saw it many times.

8. What did you do if you did not know the meaning of a word? – First I read the sentence two or three times and if I still did not understand, I checked the word in the dictionary.  

9. Did you find the language of this book difficult? – Not really.

10. Did reading this book help you with your English? How? – Yes. I don’t remember words when I talk, but when I read I remember words better. I think I now it is better for me to read books in English.

11. How long did it take you to read it? –  Three days. I finished at 4 o’clock in the morning!

12. What other books /authors would you like to read in the future? - A few books are waiting for me: Diana Gabaldon “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood” and “Outlander”, and also some books by Jody Picoult. I also started reading “Beautiful Creatures” by Garcia Stohl, but it was too difficult for me. But I think one day I will be back.