Interview with L about “The Edwardians” by Peter Brent

listen to L's interview

1.Where did you get this book? – This book is from my home library.

2. Are you a library member? - Yes

3. Why did you choose this book? – Because it is about biographies of famous people. The book is 280 pages long and it is about nine famous people. I read “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” and I was interested to know about the author – Arthur Conan Doyle.

4. How many pages are in this book? –  24 pages

5. What is the book about?  - Conan Doyle is a famous person. He was born in Scotland in 1859. His family was very interesting – his grandfather was a caricaturist and his father was an architect. Conan Doyle went to a boarding school in Australia. He started writing poetry there. But his father became ill and Conan Doyle’s family decided to send him to Edinburgh University to study medicine.

6. What did you like about this book? -   It was interesting for me that Conan Doyle stopped believing in God, but he believed in spiritualism. I liked what he wrote about death. His own death was interesting. He died in his garden with a flower in his hand and with his wife near him. He said to his wife, “You are very beautiful”, and died. It was very romantic.

7. How often did you use the dictionary? – Very often.

8. Did you find the language of this book difficult? Why/why not? – This book is very old. It is published by BBC and there many difficult words.

9. Did reading this book help you with your English? How? – Yes, it helped a lot! I learned new words and I learned about the time when Conan Doyle lived.

10. How long did it take you to read it? – two days

11. What other books /authors would you like to read in the future? – I would like to read “Reading Abbey” by Brian R. Kemp.