Interview with N about “Private Peaceful”
by Michael Morpurgo

Listen to N's Interview

1.Where did you get this book? - From the library

2. Are you a library member? – Yes, since 2007.

3. Why did you choose this book? – I was curious about the author and wanted
to know more about the war. I read some history but I did not know
what happened to people during the war.

4. How many pages are in this book? – 184 pages

5. What is the book about? - It is a sad story set in the WW1. A boy called
Thomas is on the front lines remembers his childhood.

6. What did you like/dislike about this book? – It’s an eye opener for me. I
never thought how terrible the war was but this book has given me real
insight of the war and people’s sufferings.

7. How often did you use the dictionary? – maybe 6 or 7 times

8. What did you do if you did not know the meaning of a word? – I sometimes
checked it in the dictionary or sometimes I just carried on reading.

9. Did you find the language of this book difficult? Why/why not? – It is easy
language but I needed to use the dictionary to look up some war

10. Did reading this book help you with your English? How? – Yes, it did help me a
lot. I learned new words, expressions and different ways to form

11. How long did it take you to read it? – about one month

12. What other books /authors would you like to read in the future? - there are a
few books I want to read that are suggested by my colleagues. I am
more into English authors: Tracey Chavalier, Elisabeth Chadwick, Michael